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Welcome to our world!


  • Harask: A mul with a self centered disposition and a talent for easy acquisition.

  • Emeril: A shady deal-maker with the shadows backing him.

  • Oobla: A fighter who stands for what he believes in, no matter what that happens to be at that moment.

  • (Minotaur): A keeper of the wild places, and foremost healer in the group.

  • Bavel: When you absolutely need something stolen that Oobla can never know about, he’s your man.

  • (Half-Elf): A top-notch archer with the weight of intermediary balancing on his shoulders.


  • Seal: The cultural and religious center of the world, this is where our party resides, almost anything can be found here.

  • Duvalis: A port city with a thriving market and three segregated districts Military, Noble, and Common/Market. (four copper entry fee without a pass).

  • Jand: Halfling homeland high along river cliffs. (cranes take you to the top for a few silver, or you climb the 1000 stairs for free).

  • ????: There are many other cities we have yet to explore.


  • (Tieflings Thieves): Based out of Seal this underground group wheels and deals rather than kill and steal whenever possible.

Places of Interest:

  • The Southern Swamplands: This land is prevalent with lizard-folk and mystery.

  • The Old Dwarven Hall: Our old residence in Seal.

Main Page

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